OXZGEN Tropical Unisex Shirt

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OXZGEN 3XTREME has been ENHANCED with 500 MG of Hemp-Derived Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD). That’s 2X the concentration!

3XTREME is infused with 500 MG of CBD, Glutathione & Ginger Root to ease muscle soreness, aches & pains. Massage this topical cream into skin and feel the 3XTRAORDINARY difference.

Each jar contains 500 mg of Hemp-Derived Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD).

The Hemp-Derived CBD in this product is US Grown and contains <0.3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis.

This product is manufactured in an FDA Registered and GMP Compliant Facility.
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OXZGEN Holistic Brochure

OXZGEN Holistic Brochure - 10 pack